Now you can access your statements electronically as
soon as they are available, without having to wait for
your mail!

Receiving your statements electronically is:

e-Statements image

Signing up for
e-statements is easy!

Just log in to Online Banking and follow
the steps, or visit your nearest
Mid-Missouri Bank location to enroll in

Log in
1. Log in to Online Banking and select the Statements option on the left under Accounts.
2. Select the link for Delivery to indicate your preferences.
3. Select the accounts for which you wish to receive statements electronically and enter a valid email address to receive notification once your statement is available.
4. Check the box agreeing to the terms of the Electronic Statement Disclosure and Agreement and hit Submit.
5. Within 3 business days you will be able to view your statements using the Statements option in Online Banking. You will be able to select the account, the year, and the month for the statement you wish to view.